Remote Controller:
Keep your living space dry:  Keep it healthy

BLUEDEEP Commercial Dehumidifier Remote Controller Suitable for DK145 and DK120

BLUEDEEP dehumidifiers suffice in keeping the foundation of your home under its own climate control conditions.  


The space below your house effects all your home
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Control from a push of a button
Now that your home is under control
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No need to enter into basements or craw spaces to set your dehumidifier's settings.
Current dehumidify status, Humidity level, Room temperature, Timer, and Defrost status, can be controlled from the comfort of your home. 

bluedeep keeps your house dry
Sound and Secure
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Keep the foundation of your home at a humidity that preserves its structure. High humidity has been known to cause mold and mildew build-up and cause health issues along with structural damage to foundation beams

Preserve your investment
Preserve your investment
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Home inspectors will tell you the foundation of your home should be kept free from excessive moisture.  You can do so with a commercial dehumidifier and keep yourself free from issues that might arises from moisture. 

Bluedeep Panel

BLUEDEEP Remote Control Panel

We have a new - open box BLUEDEEP controller discounted from the usual cost of $105.99.

A special price ($75 + shipping) is now available for an open box.  

This unite, only a few inches across, will help you maintain a moisture level and give you a report of the conditions surrounding your home's structure.   It can be placed by a thermostat and most likely smaller than the usual thermostat.   The item itself is very small.  See the Details below the sliding images below. 


BLUEDEEP Remote Controller for 145PPD and 120PPD Basement/Crawl Space Dehumidifier, Digital Humidity Gauge, Temperature Gauge, Adaptive Humidity Level Control at your finger tips from a convenient location. 

Retails for $105.96 buy it here as an open box special price of $75.00 + Shipping.

Remote Control is equipped with a 10-meter (33 ft) connector wire, which can control the BLUEDEEP series crawlspace dehumidifier from a long distance with the included cable.  

  • Digital Control Panel:  Simple to operate the setting, timely monitor the current working status of the dehumidifier, such as current dehumidifying status, humidity level, room temperature, timer, and defrost status, so all the information you can see on the control panel of the dehumidifier can be seen from this controller.

  • BLUEDEEP Remote Controller Supports a more extensive range of settings, from 10% to 98%; the desired humidity can be set synchronously, and the timer(1-24h) makes the dehumidifier installed away more convenient to set and supervise.

  • Temperature Protection: To ensure the dehumidifier is working in good condition, so it has built-in temperature protection, once it works at a high temperature(113℉)and low temperature(39℉), the controller will show "HH" and "LL" to remind you the dehumidifier stopped working.

  • Application: Our Remote Controller is suitable for BLUEDEEP series crawl space dehumidifiers. The controller package includes 4 hooks, which are convenient for hanging the dehumidifier higher. If you install the dehumidifier in a room and want to control the unit in another room, this device will be an excellent choice to monitor.